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Skills events for youth

A rodeo is a skills event for teaching youth basic bicycle handling skills. It's easy to do a bad job at organizing a rodeo. It's much more difficult to organize a good and effective one. A successful event will provide an opportunity for the participants to practice their bike handling skills and experience traffic situations they are likely to find in their community.

Click here for an interactive module, and be sure to check out An Organizer's Guide to Bicycle Rodeos. If you're looking for more detail, NHTSA's Cycling Skills Clinic is just what you're looking for.



Sharing the Road - the law and tips

Crash data

The NYS Governor's Traffic Safety Committee has a database of traffic crash statistics.

Bicycle helmets

Chances are, if you're invovled in any kind of bicycle education effort, the topic of bicycle helmets cill come up. You may wonder about how important they really are, what thee law states about them, how to fit them, or where to find them.The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute can answer basic questions and steer you in the right direction.


Teacher and youth Activity Guides

Getting There Youth Guide

A fun activity booklet to help youth between ages 7 and 9 learn important traffic safety tips. A camera-ready copy is also available; see below for details on ordering print materials.

Download PDF

Getting There Grownup Guide

Facts, tips, and answers to questions posed in the youth booklet.

Download PDF

Moving Along

A transportaiton safety activity booklet for upper-elementary aged youth.

Download PDF